If you are a DoD contractor, CMMC certification will soon be a requirement for contract awards, so there's no time to waste. Find out who can perform your assessment (and who to avoid) to pass the CMMC audit process on the first try.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) process presents many challenges to DoD contractors who need to prepare for a security assessment. For many of these companies, government contracts account for a substantial portion of their revenue.

Considering the time it takes to implement all of the security controls and potential audit backlog for the other companies who waited until the last minute, it is imperative that you converse with an experienced CMMC Readiness Consultant who can ensure you meet the requirements of your target CMMC Level.

The DoD determines the maturity level required to bid on each contract. Depending on the nature of contracts and work you do, companies who intend to renew current contracts or bid on new contracts must be certified up to the prescribed level of the 5 CMMC maturity levels.

To be clear, there are no self-assessments. In order to confirm that DoD contractors have met the prescribed level of cyber maturity, the CMMC-AB is relying on certified third-party assessor organizations (C3PAO's) to conduct data and information system audits for Maturity Level 1-5 certification to see if you comply with all controls for your target Level.

Millions of dollars are potentially at stake! If you can't pass your CMMC Level objectives, you risk losing your current contracts and become discounted from offering products and services to the DoD until you do.

What Should DoD Contractors Be Doing Now?

By now, you should be evaluating your capabilities under the model you hope to achieve. Implementing all of the security controls is challenging. If your internal assessment meets the security controls needed for your required level, it's time to consult with a readiness assessor to ensure you're ready for the CMMC audit.

Because of the time, resources, and investment needed to research, comprehend and implement the security controls, if you haven't already, let’s get started now!

Schedule a Consultation

Use the CMMC 1.02, NIST 800-171, and the DoD CC SRG to determine how the standards apply to your required cybersecurity level for working with the DoD. Stay up-to-date by monitoring the DoD and CMMC-AB sites for news and developments.

Get Professional Help

There are CMMC Readiness Consultants that can help you prepare for your C3PAO assessment so you can pass on the first try. Beware of professional-looking firms that claim they can get you instantly compliant at a discount– they can’t. You want specialists with expert experience and knowledge to deliver the most accurate CMMC certification information.

Third-party assessment organizations like eTrepid offer both advisory and evaluation expertise to help DoD contractors prepare for their CMMC certification. DoD contractors in the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. area as well as throughout the U.S. trust eTrepid to help them navigate the complexities of DFARS, NIST 800-171, and now CMMC.

We Have Proven Experience

Why is eTrepid best suited to assess your organization? Because we know DoD contractors, we understand CMMC, and we've been assessed and certified time and time again.

eTrepid was the first company in Maryland to achieve the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certification. CompTIA extends its Security Trustmark+ quality assurance designation only to companies that uphold the highest data and information security standards based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which demonstrates compliance with key industry regulations that include PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPAA, and others.

Our CompTIA Security Trustmark+ certifies that we've met a high standard in demonstrating an active and thorough commitment to data security and quality customer service as an industry leader and cybersecurity company.

From a foundation built around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST SP 800-53, FISMA, DFARS, NIST 800-171, and now CMMC, we can assess your current cybersecurity posture in preparation of achieving the CMMC certification level to continue servicing DoD and bid on future contracts with ease and confidence.

Through our experience with DoD contractors, CMMC guidelines, and compliance assessments, we've refined the process so our partners can prepare and achieve compliance faster and more efficiently than other readiness organizations. We are aware of what assessors are looking for when evaluating implementation concerning required security controls for your CMMC level, demonstrating that you are following policies and procedures set forth.

Confidence in Your CMMC Maturity

If you already work with an IT company, we can still work with you. You can never go wrong with a second set of eyes providing an evaluation of preparation efforts. With so much at stake, let us join your team. We'll help you navigate the complexities of CMMC for a clear path to CMMC maturity.