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Maryland owned and operated IT Managed Services - Not Sure Which IT Company You Can Trust To Manage Your Network & Computers?

The IT world has changed forever, The question is - Is your business still trying to operate today like it did 10 years ago?

managed it services maryland

Are you a business owner that is unsure about the quality of the service and support you are getting from your current IT company?

Do you feel:

  • Upset about their slow response
  • Worried when they are sick or on vacation that you will have no support if something happens during this time
  • Nickeled and dimed for every IT support call
  • Uneasy about his/her disheveled appearance

When clients heard eTrepid helps business owners handle their technology needs, they called for a FREE Network Assessment.

A specialist will come into your office and review your IT need…. from servers, workstations, business phones, and disaster recovery plans.

With Managed Services from ITS, you can:

  • Easily Budget your IT expenses- We provide an all-inclusive, flat-rate for our IT services, which allows you to set a fixed budget. This prevents fluctuations in spending that could very well disrupt your entire financial plan.
  • Predictable support services– You can plan service changes in advance, according to convenience and practicality. We can thoughtfully determine the best times to discuss issues with our consultants, implement upgrade cycles, perform system auditing and handle maintenance tasks.
  • Vested Commitment– With managed services from eTrepid, our sole interest is in ensuring your systems are consistently stable and reliable. The reliability of your systems is directly linked to our own success.
  • Focus on Enhancement – This service allows you, and us, to shift attention from fixing breakdowns to the far more fulfilling, invigorating process of enhancing network management capabilities and increasing the value of your systems.
  • Less downtime– We fix and identify issues before they become computer repair problems. Potential issues show up on your radar screen, and our radar screen, well before they cause any disruption to your office.

Managed services from eTrepid provide you with all of the advantages of having consistent performance and more predictable expenses, while avoiding the common problems of trying to allocate massive budgets for needed IT infrastructure projects.

Are you tired of having no idea what computer repairs in Maryland are going to cost your company?


Give eTrepid a call today 301-259-3332 for your free network assessment to explore IT solutions that work for you and your business.

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