Knowing eTrepid is managing my IT Services and providing basic cyber care allows me to focus more on my business and less on the worries of IT risks, misunderstood jargon, or services that cut out. These are all issues I've had when working with other providers, which can be devastating to a business! When looking for additional options surrounding business communications, I heard others praise eTrepid’s services and rapid response times. Especially when it came to VoIP phone services.

As the owner of an expanding company who needs communication options wherever I may be, it was fitting to find out not only did they provide backup internet services, Microsoft options, cybersecurity, and VoIP, but that so many are happy with them. It feels good knowing eTrepid is a one-stop technology shop that has my business covered from all angles. I’ll be looking into what other services can be shifted into their care moving forward.

Bonnie Morris Arrow American Pest & Termite Control

The cyber care, Office 365, and cloud solutions provided by the eTrepid team have been great. Their remote service is highly reliable, and the response time has always been fantastic especially when needed through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have never had any issues and will continue to recommend eTrepid’s services just as we have done many times before.

Amy Felix Reilly Benefits

The service provided by eTrepid has been amazing. The technicians are always on the ball and you never have to wait! While there is a disclaimer given stating a response could take anywhere from 24-48 hours, I have never had to wait long at all and their technicians knock it out of the park every time. I am extremely happy with all the services they have provided us, especially while teleworking.

Lori Kraus Naval Systems, Inc. (NSI)

When it came to IT, I wasn’t aware I had any problems. Every time I encountered an issue, I would just shut down the computer and log off. But it became apparent we needed IT assistance, so we reached out to eTrepid.

Now knowing we are protected, eTrepid has been able to provide us with a peace of mind. When I work off site or travel it is comforting to know that even on the road, I can reach out to the our eTrepid Tech Team regardless of what time it is or where I am. They truly provide peace of mind and reassurance no matter where I may be.

Linda Heimpel Charles County Literacy Council

eTrepid’s communication and response times are tremendous. Whenever there may be an issue, we are alerted immediately and given detailed information regarding the situation. There is never a worry because they are always there when needed.

Dotty Nash Trinity Memorial Gardens

“eTrepid Provides excellent customer service and prompt resolutions”

I highly recommend them mostly due to their extraordinary attention and knowledgeable, friendly, urgent team. eTrepid makes you feel like you are their most important client and treats every ticket as high priority.

Theresa Coffey Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

“eTrepid is very responsive, loyal, sophisticated and professional.”

I was able to identify ways to improve efficiencies after the recent business review they performed. I am very happy with the service I receive from eTrepid.

Nicholas Ferrante Ferrante & Dill

“If you are looking for helpful and friendly support, then look no further than eTrepid”

I highly recommend eTrepid for their expertise and the amount of time they've taken to help us understand what we need to be doing to make our system run smoothly.

Tim Manley National Ink and Stitch

 “eTrepid is one of the best small business solutions serving Maryland”

With four practices and over 25,000 patients, we cannot afford IT problems, that’s why we work with eTrepid.

Jeff Tomcsik Tidewater Dental

“eTrepid is an exceptional Company!  We rarely have downtime”

The response time is very quick.  I feel very secure with our IT and all of our valuable information in the hands of eTrepid!

Samantha Bowling Garbleman and Winslow

“I highly recommend eTrepid, and can’t say enough great things about them”

I appreciate all that they have done for my business. They have a wonderful staff, answer my questions, and fix my problems quickly.

Christy Oliff The Appliance Source

“eTrepid keeps our IT well protected and secure”

COA does not worry about our IT, whether there’s a new threat, system down or special project, we are confident eTrepid will be there when we need them. Very often they resolve issues before we become aware of them.

Teresa Foley Commissioned Officers Association

“eTrepid exceeds expectations and gets the job done”

IT has the capacity to be the biggest block to our growth. eTrepid has made it so we no longer worry about IT infrastructure and can focus on what matters most, the expansion of our business.

Abby Wittenberg Naval Systems Inc.

“We have a sense of comfort that we have not experienced with other IT firms”

Since eTrepid has taken over management of Reilly Benefits IT, we have been very pleased with the performance, responsiveness and communication. We have a sense of comfort that we have not experienced with previous IT firms and are very happy with our decision to make the change.

Amy Felix

“I do not have to worry about IT at all”

eTrepid has supported the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs IT Infrastructure for many years and always provide speed and efficiency to their service.  I do not have to worry about IT at all and feel that eTrepid is part of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs family instead of just another vendor.  The regular drop-ins and business reviews show that eTrepid is committed to our success as an entertainment venue for the community.

Courtney Knichel Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

“eTrepid is a consistent and responsive dependable”

Maryland International Raceway has a long-standing partnership with eTrepid. It is important to be able to depend on a partner that is consistent and responsive to your needs, especially when it relates to IT. Recently, we had an emergency on the weekend that required immediate assistance during a large event, and I was pleasantly surprised with the response time and resolution from eTrepid. I look forward to the continued partnership with eTrepaid.

Royce Miller Maryland International Raceway

“Their response time to our “emergencies” is superb”

Their response time to our “emergencies” is superb. Their staff are always accessible, very friendly, very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn’t ask for a better tech company to handle our needs. We would highly recommend their services.

Kelly Austin Production Products, Inc.

“They get the job done right and so efficient!”

Can't tell you how FANTASTIC the people at eTrepid are! Jim, Tom and number one in our eyes, John, keep us on the air and running. You know what we love? They speak our language and then they can speak their computer language to other network techs, so we are out of the loop. I can't stand talking to a support tech person that treats you like a lesser person because you don't speak “computer”. We never get that from eTrepid. They have a great sense of humor and get the job done right and they are so efficient! We are also a 24/7 operation. If I call in the middle of the night, they answer and fix whatever I have broken. They are the best and you can't go wrong with eTrepid!

Tbone & Heather SOMAR Radio

“We feel strongly about working with companies that participate in the community”

Travel Leaders has been using eTrepid’s managed services and support for 5 years and have always been impressed with their knowledge and support in attacking any issue we can throw at them. We feel strongly about working with companies that participate in the community like eTrepid and their staff is very friendly and personable. I would recommend eTrepid to any small business that needs IT support.

Dan Parker Travel Leaders

“eTrepid has demonstrated the expertise in software and business management”

eTrepid has been servicing all our IT needs for over 3 years and we are very satisfied with the level of service we receive. All their staff are knowledgeable and always take the extra time to explain things in layman’s terms. eTrepid has demonstrated the expertise in software and business management to help us get the most out of it and become more efficient at the daily duties or running a business. I would highly recommend eTrepid to any business that is in search of IT Management and Support.

Crystal Sigafoose All Mechanical and Plumbing

“the ability to manage multiple IT projects efficiently with limited issues stands out as the most valuable”

eTrepid took over our Managed Services only 14 months, since that time there has been a noticeable difference in both support and the reliability of the environment. We have had many positive experiences to date, but the ability to manage multiple IT projects efficiently with limited issues stands out as the most valuable. eTrepid has multiple ways to create a service request and are very responsive to any request. They specifically escalate any issues that our Physicians have and resolve them quickly. Their staff is professional, friendly and make regular visits to check up on us which is very valuable.

Aisha Fulcher GI Associates of Maryland

“very satisfied with the personal service we have received”

We recently switched over and are very satisfied with the personal service we have received. I highly recommend this company!

Rhonda Buckler Concrete Walls, Inc

“The ability to adapt to growing business requirements”

eTrepid remains a strong Strategic Partner of NSI. Their customer service and ability to adapt to growing business requirements is far above anything we have experienced.

Diana Waldorf Naval Systems Inc.

“Very fast! Very professional!”

I've been using eTrepid for years to manage and service my computers. Very fast! Very professional! Recently switched to their VoIP service which we have been very pleased with.

Timothy Pepper Ideal Aire, Inc

“very pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and response time.”

We have been a client of eTrepid Inc for many years and have been very pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and response time. eTrepid Inc keeps us updated on security products and any new products that could benefit our company.

Tamra Garvin Juno Property Group, LLC

“I’ve always been able to get support right away with eTrepid regardless of the time.”

We have worked with eTrepid for many years, they have always known what they were doing and have tackled a number of tough problems in that time. Response time is huge with a restaurant, I’ve always been able to get support right away with eTrepid regardless of the time. If it’s Friday night at 9PM and our internet goes out, that’s a big deal. I’ve always gotten ahold of someone right away that has an answer with eTrepid.

Scott McKee, Owner, Foster’s Grille, Quick Server Restaurant Owner
Foster’s Grille, Quick Server Restaurant

“They even worked through holidays to make sure we didn’t have to cancel a single appointment.”

The eTrepid team was able to completely upgrade our computers and network while doing a major upgrade on our software and database and there was no real downtime. The window to get everything done without interrupting business was not only small, but also crossed over Christmas and New Year’s.

Audra Keeler Office Manager
Tender Care Dentistry