As a client of eTrepid, you have access to discounted Cyber Liability & Cyber Crime Insurance that can provide you the support needed to mitigate losses if cyber incidents occur.​

Our clients can qualify for $5,000,000.00 in Cyber Liability Breach Coverage and $100,000 in Cyber Crime Coverage provided through techrug.​

  1. Have you ever thought of how your organization would respond or be protected from:​
  2. A rogue employee or staff mistake that led to the disclosure of “sensitive data.”
  3. A bad actor gained access to your system and used a specialized program (keyloggers) to track what you type when logging into your bank account. ​

You or an employee opened an email or attachment that contained ransomware and this ransomware spread throughout your network encrypting your servers and data so you can’t access applications and files to run your business.​

How would your organization respond or comply with your sate’s privacy laws? How would your organization be reimbursed for the unauthorized transfer of funds? How would you pay the Cyber extortionists the money they are looking for to decrypt the files that will get your business back up and running? ​

Here’s How:​

If interested contact the eTech Team to discuss potential risk areas and begin the process. Start by signing up for a Security Risk Assessment and developing a risk-management strategy. As companies rely more and more on operating in a digital environment where cyber-attacks and breaches are penetrating some of the world’s largest businesses, find comfort in knowing your organization is covered against financial burdens that could be created by a cyber-attack. The first step to cybersecurity is feeling secure. ​

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