What is Microsoft Azure?

Build, run, and manage applications across platforms. Azure is used to deploy, manage, and support customers' existing solutions through ready-made or custom solutions. Custom solutions can be based on your business requirements. Moving to Azure provides flexible, scalable, and highly available cloud infrastructure. It also supports rapid innovation and digital transformation, freeing you to innovate. As a Microsoft Direct Cloud Service Provider, eTrepid can help you:

  • Reduce expenses while eliminating overlapping services
  • Improve efficiency with Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and IT services
  • Increase productivity with solutions customized to your requirements
  • Reduced learning curves that come with your Microsoft solution
  • Retain control of what you choose, let us manage the rest
  • Offer superior 24/7 support with proactive management and monitoring to minimize downtime and delays

Learn more about working with a Direct Cloud Solutions Provider for managed Microsoft Azure services.

Azure Security

Identity: With the industry-leading solution for Identity and access management with Azure Active Directory, you can get greater control over protecting against identity threats. Capabilities like Role-based access control, MFA or Identity protection will ensure the right users are getting the appropriate level of access and will help you minimize risks associated with identity thefts or misuse of admin privileges

App and data protection: Ensure confidentiality and integrity of data by leveraging multiple encryption options for data at rest in virtual machines, databases, and storage. Data encryption controls are built-in to services from virtual machines to storage, SQL, CosmosDB, and Azure Data Lake. Azure Key Vault enables you to safeguard and control cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services.

Network security: Establish secure connections to and within Azure using virtual networks, network security groups, VPN, and ExpressRoute. Protect and ensure availability of your apps, protect against network layer threats with services like Web Application Firewall, Azure Firewall, and Azure DDoS Protection 

Threat protection and security management: Assess security state continuously, especially as cloud workloads change dynamically.  Azure Security Center will help you monitor the security state of Azure resources and hybrid workloads. It will provide a dynamic security scorecard and recommendations to improve your security in a centralized console making security management easier across different resources.  And you get advanced threat protection across many services like virtual machines, servers, apps, Azure SQL, Storage, containers on VMs – backed by Microsoft Intelligent Graph you are able to detect and respond to threats quickly across these services.  Azure also offers a robust log management system and you can get lot more insights from Log Analytics.

Protect resources across hybrid environments.


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