ThreatKrusher Access

ThreatKrusher Access satisfies the most stringent compliance and IT requirements by implementing a scalable physical security platform. Seamless integration of physical access controls with corporate Identity and access management, automating on and off-boarding. With physical access controls that meet industry laws, regulations, and compliance requirements, protecting the integrity of your organization occurs around the clock. TK Access aligns with 12 NIST 800-171 standard controls.

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Here’s ThreatKrusher Access' key features:

  • Scalable Physical Security Platform

  • Seamless Integration of Physical Access Controls

  • Corporate Identity and Access Management

  • Automation of On and Off-Boarding Processes

  • Industry Law, Regulation, and Compliance Compliant Physical Access Controls

  • Continuous Protection for Organization Integrity

  • Alignment with 12 NIST 800-171 Standard Controls


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