Rooted in the CEO’s U.S. Navy heritage and enhanced by the Latin learned while in school, the name eTrepid was created with meaning and connects to the company’s core principles. It’s how the team approaches your IT.

e is Latin for "Exclude" + "Fearful" = "No Fear"

When you are of clear mind and able to make well informed decisions you have a greater chance of achieving desired outcomes. This eliminates fear. By empowering business to compute with clarity eTrepid virtually eliminate the fears associated with computing. When your provider is built on a foundation of service and proactive preparedness, you should be without fear, without trepidation.


Tom Blandford

Empowering Business to Compute with Clarity

This comes from and ties directly to our mission and core values. Sir Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power” and Hyrum Smith said “Wisdom is Knowledge Rightly applied”. If one is well informed, they can be of clear mind and make informed decisions. Clarity is empowerment.

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